A commenter on the UK General Election 2010 site gave me a good idea for a poll, the commenter suggested a good way to choose a political party to vote for in the next general election is list the 3 most important political issues to YOU, then go look at the various political parties polices and see which matches what you consider most important.

By doing this in theory you choose the political party to vote for that has the same political ideals as you.

I’ve compiled a list of 41 political issues based mostly on policies published by the Labour party, Conservative party and Liberal Democrat party. I added a few not listed as policies like Government Debt, MP Expenses and Government Corruption (I wonder why the three main parties have no policies on MP expenses!).

With there being 41 political issues below, made sense to choose the top 5, rather than top 3 issues.

Please choose up to 5 (you can choose less) of the most important political issues to YOU. These should be the reasons you’d vote for a political party at the next general election.

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Choose YOUR Top 5 Political Issues to Vote for a Political Party

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You can find the main political parties policies including the option to comment and debate on them on this website under:

BNP Policies : Conservative Policies : Green Policies : Labour Policies : Liberal Democrats Policies : UKIP Policies

Feel free to discuss your main political issues and others choices below.