Comment on Why EMA was Important to Children in Poverty by Alan Trotter.

I did this all 40 to 50 years ago after leaving school at 16. It’s perfectly possible to get an education by night classes; day release and work you way through education. Work itself allied to education (not training per se) will expand your horizons and is in itself not a barrier to self improvement.

What is made difficult for young persons now is the lack of example by self improvement by others as much of our society is looking one way or another for more money from the Government which of course is by far the richest institution in the country (compulsory contributions by all !)and all of this is made worse by the implied or direct propagation of the idea that nothing is possible without the help of politicians and if they cannot help you are a doomed victim of the system.

This is of course total nonsense and contrary to all human effort; the achievements of the last 200 years had little to do with governments. So literally work you way to betterment; if you are unemployed spend the huge amount of time at your disposal wisely – go to college or to the local library to make a beginning. Remember to read the lives of great men who did not submit to this nonsense and remember if you don’t understand how society works go and find out !