Comment on Voter Registration Form by Nicola Phillips.

I completely understand, I am now in a made panic about making sure my partner and I are registered. However we are getting married on May 1st, so do I register us under our married names or not? I mean why is it so complicated to vote anyway. They complain they don’t get the number of voters they ask for but if it wasn’t so hard it could be done in seconds. My partner and I work oposite shifts so that there is someone to look after the children all the time as child care is rediculous, so even going up to the local school to vote is hard because Chris is home in the day while i’m at work and i’m home at night while he’s at work… I’ve registered us for postal votes now as that seems to be easier but the site got me the same way it did you…. why can’t we just vote online?? wouldn’t that make everything tick easier??

It’s enough to make us not want to vote!!!