I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I forgot to send our Voter Registration Form in until today (14th April 2010)! Eldest son is at University so if he wants to vote he’ll have to register himself, so had I not got it in it would be myself and the wife that can’t vote on May 6th.

I’ve never had to send the form back until now as previously I’d give the details at the door when they’d come calling for the information.

This time no one knocked on the door, come on, I was used to the interaction every 5 years confirming in person I still wanted to vote!

Last night was watching TV and saw an advert that said you have to register to vote by 20th April and I remembered the voter registration form. Doh!

Dug out the Voter Registration Form (got 2 of them) and looked at the options available.

Excellent can register online, go to the site www.registerbyinternet.com/eastlindsey and bugger:

This service is now closed. If you wish to register please return your voter registration form to East Lindsey District Council

You can email us to tell us what you think of this service

That’s OK there’s an 0800 number to register, 0800 197 7680 and it’s open 24 hours as well. Bugger, the lines dead!!!

No reason to panic, I know how to use Google. Found www.aboutmyvote.co.uk, I’m saved I can register online still. Started filling out the registration info only to notice in the top corner of the multiple sections to the registration process “Print & Sign” and “Post Form”.

Well I already have two forms, I don’t need a third one, I just want to register to vote without it being hard: like voting for Jedward on X-Factor, it’s easy AND funny.

In the end I had to fill out one of the Voter Registration Forms and go to all the trouble of sending one of my kids to the post office to post it, it’s not right!

Seriously, if you are a bit of a numpty like I was and you want to vote on May 6th you’ve got less than a week to get your Voter Registration Form in. No idea what you’d do if you’ve lost it or something!

David Law