On Wiki-Leak 90,000 Top Secret Afghan Details/Records were published, but The White House has condemned the Publication as “irresponsible” and a threat to “National Security”.

This is a Delicate issue, the publication could either catch lies and fibs within the MoD and Army (if they are stretching and altering the truth). Or it could as The White House says threaten the US (and UK’s) National Security.

It depends what these details are about, apparently these have revealed that Afghan Civilians were killed by British Troops in several incidents.
But if these 90,000 files have been published include secret files that are dangerous in the wrong hands then swift and decisive steps need to be taken to remove the nation threatening files.

It is dangerous enough having them on Wiki-Leaks it can be accessed easily and isn’t the most secure website in the world it is risking both civilians in the UK and US and also Troops in Afghanistan.
But don’t get me wrong we need this information out there describing wrong-doings by troops and commanders, but we need to control the influx of information being made public so it does not threaten the country and it’s well-being.

Author: Caleb Law age: 13