Comment on Unite Against Fascism – UAF by David.

Vote Liebour or Hitler Admirers (BNP), you decide?

I don’t find it helpful when commenter’s lower the quality of their comments by changing a parties name to degrade that political party: your use of the word Liebour in place of Labour.

Since you are a BNP supporter every time you use the term Liebour I’ll post something negative about the British National Party, AKA the British Nazi Party below your comment with the same approach you use Terence.

It’s childish I know, but I get the impression it’s the only sort of approach you’d understand. Fight fire with fire.

British National Party Officials Admire Adolf Hitler!

Mark Collett when the BNP youth leader stated his admiration for Adolf Hitler, saying “I’d never say this on camera, the Jews have been thrown out of every country including England. It’s not just persecution. There’s no smoke without fire.” Some visitors to the party’s annual “Red White and Blue” festival, wore the legend “88” (code for HH, “Heil Hitler”) on shirts. Collett resigned from the party after the documentaries filming, but rejoined shortly afterwards, with Griffin’s approval, on the condition that Collett change his views on the subject.

Mark Collett is currently (December 2009) the BNP’s head of publicity, what a dick head to admire a mass murderer and anti-semitic nutter like Hitler. If the BNP have shed their anti-semitic and Nazi (National Front) roots, why is this man still part of the British National Party? It draws me to the conclusion the BNP have more in common with World War 2 Nazi War criminals than today’s hard working British, multi-cultural working class.


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