Comment on Unite Against Fascism – UAF by Richard the bnp Meerkat.

The diatribe of your investigative analysis concerning the BNP political policies is good enough
reason for me to vote for them.

You may be well meaning, but as far I’m concerned
you’re just another liberal following the status quo, trying to justify that what you believe in
is best pratice for all.

We all know it will be business as usual, whichever
party wins the election, including the BNP.

Political policies of all parties fail to get implemented because of this and that man made laws.

The difference of the BNP is our right wing guts
to challenge that establishment in an effort to
change the laws, by concensus of the people, so we
can implement those very BNP policies so many of us
are craving for. This of course is illusion, but it
is a faith of kind and we will strive to make it our

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wasted vote, even when voting tactically.

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