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Actually David those are the exact same questions I have been asking, I don’t condone violence in ANY way what so ever.

However it is also part of being in the political spotligt, it could have been anyone throwing an egg, as has been the case in many incidents i.e. The paint job someone did on Mandelson, and many politicians have had eggs thrown at them etc.

So in some cases it comes with the job you want to do, if you can’t take it then should you really be in politics?

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Unite Against Fascism – UAF

I would agree Rhys, the message is a good one, where they fall down is the delivery of that message (in some cases).

Personally however the EDL is a far more …

Unite Against Fascism – UAF

“BTW, TB, found out from your boss why he supports the ultra-violent, marxist, “UAF”?”

To this I will give you what’s termed as a stock BNP answer, I shall refer you …

Unite Against Fascism – UAF

Well thanks for showing your lack of debating ability once again when confronted with fact.

I’ll repeat the fact again for you shall I, If the Tories don’t want Jogn Bercow …

Unite Against Fascism – UAF

“every one in Britain knows bbc=kgb controlled by the liebour gestapo”

Holly crap Terence is there NOTHING that isn’t a conspiracy in the minds of the BNP?

Man I can see where …

Unite Against Fascism – UAF

I 100% Agree David, if the UAF want to really stop the BNP as they say they should form a political party come up with sound policy and beat them …

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And a message for David,

You did a great job with this website besides all the dross you had to contend with from certain elements of the BNP.

I bet you are …

General Election 2010 Poll Results

Sorry I haven’t responded to any of the replies sent re my original I told you so post, been busy doing some other things, including finally taking a few days …

General Election 2010 Poll Results

I have to agree, by not voting you are wasting your vote on a party that you may not have wanted to win.

Every person that doesn’t vote may as well …

BNP Manifesto 2010 : Immigration: An Unparalleled Crisis Which Only the BNP Can Solve

Which is why we need a sensible Gov to invest in training for British workers, but the BNP certainly isn’t that sensible Government.

If you have seen one of their plans …

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OOps lol, you can delete these two as well then David you beat me too it :) …