Comment on Unite Against Fascism – UAF by David.

You are using an ends justify the means argument and in a democracy like ours it doesn’t hold water, if we can use violence against BNP supporters to ‘shut them up’ why not against other groups who disagree with the government?

Who decides which groups in society can speak their views openly and who can not?

Our democracy is strong, there’s no way people like Nick Griffin even if he becomes and MP next year are ever going to change the way this country runs in the short to medium term (long term who knows what will happen).

Yes, we should learn from history, but if we go down the road of stripping away the BNP’s right to express their beliefs in a democratic and non-violent way we are no better than those who would take away our democratic freedoms: just like Nick Griffin has spoke about in the recent past like controlling the British media! The UAF also wanted to control the BBC and stop Nick Griffin appearing on Question Time, how is that any different to what Nick Griffin plans to do?

Every time the UAF resorts to violence it gives the BNP positive press in the media, why are British people not allowed to hear from democratically elected MEP’s and those planning to stand as MP’s etc…?

Nick Griffin got on Question Time which according to those who support the UAF would mean the BNP will generate masses of support, yet the BNP lost their deposit in the last by-election! Clearly the support has not materialised yet.

If the BNP can’t muster enough support to even get their deposit back when the country is going through a deep recession, increasing unemployment, immigration concerns like never before, MP’s and bankers are perceived as fat cats who take, take, take and we are loosing British soldiers in a war many feel is unjust, what chance do the BNP have as we pull out of recession etc….?

BTW Do not vote BNP they want to strip us of our freedoms.


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