Comment on UKIP Policies : Terrorism and Homeland Security by Jack Rainbow.

The basis of all Muslim terror is the Koran.
Many are or pretend to be uncertain that the Koran actually does command violence. Many scholars are certain that it does, however. Those who commit violence in the name of Islam do so because they truly believe that it is their duty as servants of Allah.

To successfully and effectively prevent terrorism by angry Muslims, therefore, it is essential that their ideology of Terror according to their interpretation of the Koran is challenged.

Currently there are no British politicians, including Nigel Farage, who have taken the trouble to acquaint themselves with the Koran and to gain understanding of why many Muslims believe they must force the whole of humanity to submit. Without that understanding it is impossible to develop effective non police and non military policies to reduce terrorism. Yet challenging the ideology of terror would be the most cost effective and by far the CHEAPEST way to challenge the fury and ignorance of Muslims who murder for Allah.