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Animal Welfare

UKIP believes all animals that share our planet deserve to be treated compassionately by humans and should be spared unnecessary suffering.

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The Post Office & the Royal Mail

UKIP regards the Royal Mail and our Post Office network as an essential part of the fabric of British life, and will fully support, improve and retain these services.

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Pubs & Smoking

UKIP realises that the local pub is a unique part of British community life, but it is under serious threat from supermarket price undercutting, brewery company indifference and the smoking ban. UKIP supports designated smoking rooms in pubs, clubs and public buildings.

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Small Business

UKIP knows that small and medium-sized companies are the lifeblood of the UK economy and essential to new job creation, but are often overburdened by the State.

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UKIP Manifesto 2010

UKIP Manifesto 2010 : Introduction

UKIP Manifesto 2010 : The Economy: Tax, Budget and Regulation

UKIP Manifesto 2010 : The Economy: Jobs, Enterprise and Skills

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UKIP Manifesto 2010 : Defence

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UKIP Manifesto 2010 : Fishing

UKIP Manifesto 2010 : Other Specific UKIP Policies

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