UKIP Manifesto 2010 The Economy: Jobs, Enterprise & Skills

The overarching goal of UKIP’s policies on jobs, enterprise and skills is to promote a new vibrant culture of producing goods and the services related to them. Our policies will create more skilled jobs and more innovation while eliminating the current massive trade deficit which threatens to cripple our economy and future prosperity. UKIP will:

· Stimulate private and public investment in Britain’s manufacturing base. UKIP will generate approximately one million new skilled jobs – 500,000 in manufacturing itself and a similar number in the supply of materials and services. The five planned long-term programmes are:

1) A 10-year enhanced defence equipment programme with an additional £4 billion p.a. on top of the currently-budgeted £8 billion p.a.

2) A 25-year programme of building nuclear power stations that will provide Britain with 50% of its future electricity demand. This will cost on average of £3.5 billion p.a.

3) A comprehensive programme of flood protection and coastal defences to cost £30 billion over 10 years. Some 25% of this money would be spent on highly-exportable pump valves and control equipment

4) A transport investment programme centred on high-speed rail lines, reopened railways, new bypasses, road improvements and port

“The current tax code is more than 10,000 pages long and requires simplification” and airport links. The lion’s share of this investment would go to British-based firms

5) A prison building programme with a particular emphasis on modern off-site manufacture. This programme will be structured so that British manufacturing firms are well placed to win a substantial share of the systems and components work

· Introduce ‘Production Enterprise Centres’ (PECs) across the UK to support companies in research, design, prototyping and marketing. These would provide small and medium-sized enterprises with the skills they need to enter domestic and export markets from which they are currently excluded

· Denationalise universities and further education (FE) colleges by replacing the present complex systems of grants and loans with ‘Student Vouchers’ and ‘Training Vouchers’ to be issued to every citizen at the age of 18. These vouchers will be paid by the student to the college or university and equal ‘Basic Cash Benefit’ (See Welfare & Social Security, below). Individuals will be able to use the vouchers at any time in their adult life. Universities and FE colleges will function as independent charities, responsible only for their curricula and performance, and accountable only to their students

· Abolish costly EU hindrances on businesses such as carbon cap schemes, emissions trading, landfill taxes and renewable subsidies

· Bring Britain in line with our major competitors by amending the UK Takeover Code to prevent foreign interests from gaining control of strategic British companies in sectors such as defence and energy

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