UKIP Manifesto 2010 Energy and the Environment

UKIP accepts that the world’s climate changes, but we are the first party to take a sceptical stance on man-made global warming claims. We called for a rational, balanced approach to the climate debate in 2008, before the extensive manipulation of scientific data first became clear. Polls now show a majority of the British people share this scepticism despite protests from another LibLabCon-sensus. UKIP now calls for an immediate halt to unjustified spending on renewable sources that has led to massive energy price hikes and fuel poverty. UKIP will:

· Increase nuclear power generation to provide up to 50% of our electricity needs. Because Britain’s domestic energy plants are ageing and renewable energy sources have been shown to be unreliable, UKIP will pass hybrid Acts of Parliament to accelerate the planning process and allow old reactors to be replaced

· Support the efficient extraction of indigenous coal for use in cleaner, coal-fired electricity generation plants

· Oppose wind farms in general and require large new wind power schemes to be funded by the market. Most current schemes have proved uneconomic, often operating at less than a third of capacity – sometimes less than a tenth – thereby producing a derisory amount of power

· Ensure any large new wind farms are constructed offshore. UKIP regards onshore wind turbines and the accompanying power lines as eyesores in beautiful countryside

· Repeal the UK’s Climate Change Act and return to a Department of Energy

· Immediately repeal disastrous EU Directives such as the Large Combustion Plant Directive. The Directive threatens to put the lights out by closing a quarter of the UK’s domestic coal and energy plants by 2015 without providing any realistic, working alternatives. UKIP will pull out of EU Carbon Trading Schemes, the proposed EU Carbon Tax and binding targets on renewable and bio fuels

· Stop funding the UN’s International Panel on Climate Change and the UN Framework Convention, and fund the Met Office according to forecast accuracy

· Establish a Royal Commission under a High Court Judge that will allow scientists to reach a conclusion about the facts and economic implications of global warming

· Ban schools from using global warming propaganda such as Al Gore’s film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’

· Divert billions of pounds of funding from wasteful global warming-related spending toward environmental improvements of real value

· Encourage the reduction of waste and promote effective methods of recycling

· Incentivise and support electric road vehicles, the comprehensive electrification of rail lines and accompanying infrastructure

· Reduce environmental bureaucracy to a minimum – consistent with good practice and international standards – while ensuring necessary legislation is effectively enforced

· Protect the environment by controlling immigration and the associated building demand

· Invest in more flood and coastal defences

“UKIP was the first party to be sceptical about global warming claims”

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