UKIP Manifesto 2010 Defence

Over the years, successive governments have starved the British armed forces of money. This has meant insufficient equipment, overstretched resources and excessive tours of duty, which can badly damage the fabric of family life. UKIP has huge regard for our Armed Forces and the work they do. We are prepared to provide proper defence resources and bring an end to devastating cuts. UKIP will:

· Spend an extra 40% on defence annually, another 1% of GDP

· Expand the Army by 25% to 125,000 personnel and double the size of the Territorial Army

· Restore the Royal Navy to its 2001 strength with three new aircraft carriers and nearly 70 other ships, at the same time guaranteeing the future of the Plymouth, Portsmouth and Rosyth bases

· Increase RAF capability by buying more essential helicopters, transport aircraft and 50 extra JSF Lightning aircraft

· Restore historic regiments, such as the Highland regiments, which are being subsumed into planned European battle groups

· Strengthen our commitment to NATO, while withdrawing from all EU operations

· Reappraise our operations in Afghanistan to create a single, clear and achievable mission or seek to negotiate a withdrawal with our NATO partners

· Maintain Britain’s independent nuclear deterrent with existing Trident submarines and then replace them with four British-built submarines armed with US missiles

· Cut MOD bureaucracy, which has one civil servant for every two military personnel

· Introduce better pay, conditions and medical care for the British Armed Forces personnel and their families

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