Comment on Wild Animals In Circuses by David Konyot.

Today, throughout the whole of europe we have both animal and non-animal circuses with clear advertising as to which is which so the public can decide and as the majority of circuses still have animal content and we live in a democracy surely the argument is null and void !. The Kiley-Worthington report should have had a bigger effect than it did, also the fact that the number of prosecutions brought to court is laughable when the scrutiny we are constantly under is taken into account , but still it continues. Whatever circus does to counteract the spurious allegations that are continually raised against it it will always be the target of the political ambitions of ill informed commentators be they MP’s or Anti activists . Clear and enforceable guidelines and/or legislation would be good for the industry and a useful tool against the protesters , but the police should also have greater powers to prosecute the same protesters when they abuse the paying public at the booking office an occurrence which is becoming more and more prevalent as they resort to desperate measures to get their point across. There was even a demonstration outside the “Chinese Circus” on their visit to the Town Moor Newcastle recently , (they don’t have animals)