UKIP has today launched its welfare policy aimed at establishing a system of honest benefits for hard-working families, not just handouts for doing nothing.

UKIP’s plan is for a simpler, fairer benefits system that features:
– New workfare scheme to put those on housing and other benefits to work in the community
– Basic cash benefit to replace complex range of existing benefits for all low and non-earners. The Basic Cash Benefit will not be means-tested and there will be no income based benefit withdrawal. However, claimants will not also be entitled to a tax-free personal allowance. This will ensure that they are not at an advantage compared to ordinary taxpayers, for whom UKIP would raise the personal allowance to £11,500

Continuing the planned roll-out of its “commonsense” honest and fair policies for the general election over the coming weeks, UKIP today launched its policy for a new understandable and fairer welfare system for the UK.

The cornerstone of the policy is a Workfare scheme administered by local councils to put those claiming benefits to work on local projects that help the whole community.

Other key proposals include:

– An enhanced Child Benefit to encapsulate the existing Child Benefit, Child Tax Credits and Education Maintenance Allowance.

– Nursery Vouchers to cover half the cost of a full-time nursery placement for all children aged two to four years old.

– A minimum waiting period of ten years and the requirement of British citizenship for those who entered the UK with a valid work permit or for reasons of marriage before they can claim welfare benefits.

– A flat tax policy to discourage young single mothers from falling pregnant simply for financial benefit.

Download the full Welfare Policy document here.