Britain’s brave soldiers, who continue to fight and die abroad while the election campaign progresses in this country, would each receive a medal under UKIP plans to recognise and reward armed forces personnel.

Along with a pledge to spend an extra 40% on the annual defence budget to ensure British forces are properly equipped, UKIP’s defence policy paper outlines plans to introduce a ‘National Defence Medal’ which will also honour the country’s forgotten heroes.

The plan comes as the Bishop of Meniva this week echoed the calls of people across the country who want Britain’s armed forces treated with respect and rewarded for the extraordinary work they do.

Speaking at the funeral of one of Britain’s most recently killed servicemen, The Right Reverend Tom Burns asked: “To our politicians…When will there be a surge in funding…and the ongoing military support to bring it about? To pay for better military vehicles, more and better helicopters and better intelligence.”

UKIP believes the men and women fighting in the name of Britain not only deserve significantly more funding, but that those who served during campaigns such as Korea, the Cold War, and against the IRA also deserve to be feted as heroes.

In addition, the medal would be awarded to the veterans of national service, to say thank you for their hugely valuable contributions to the country.

Read more about the National Defence Medal and download UKIP’s defence policy here