Immigration is the issue that will bring out the voters at the General Election and the policies of the British National Party are proving very popular.

That’s according to a YouGov survey published this morning which reveals that more than two-thirds of those questioned felt that immigration has had a negative impact on the UK.

And there’s no doubt what most people saw as the only answer to Britian’s growing immigration crisis.

A massive 80% want all illegal immigrants deported. Even more, 83%, want a cap on immigration and 34% thought that high immigrant birth rates only added to the problem.

The Sun reluctantly admitted what this meant in terms of voting intentions on May 6th. The newspaper told its readers:

“The simple fact is that the British National Party is gaining in popularity.”

On the topic of the growing support for the British National Party, the YouGov poll also asked 1,500 adults whether they were worried by the BNP’s arrival into the mainstream of British politics. 16% said they weren’t worried at all and even welcomed it, while 26% said it was only to be expected because none of the three main political parties had the courage to tackle the immigration issue.