MPs are investigating Firearms Laws after recent shootings in the UK. This action is sparked after 12 people were killed by gunman Derrick Bird and 1 killed and 2 injured by gunman Raoul Moat.

The Investigation will look into the handling of guns, the ease of access to guns and if the gun laws are adequate.
Prime Minister David Cameron has said that the UK already has among the toughest gun control regimes in the world.

But MPs are warning of a ‘knee-jerk’ change to the UK’s gun laws.

I agree with the MPs who are scheduling this investigation, the law needs to be looked if two mentally unstable people could get their hands on a weapon at that ease, gun crime is low at the moment and the government needs to regulate the laws to keep the UK in that state in the future. But do I think that the nation’s gun laws are out of control?… No, I’m glad that we’re nothing like America with gun crime, just the fact that almost every household in the USA has a gun and that fact makes Britain both apart from and unique from them.

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Author: Caleb Law age: 13