Comment on UK Local Elections May 5th 2011 by David.

Although I don’t particularly like the Alternative Vote system (I agree with Nick, a miserable little compromise) it’s at least better than First Past the Post voting system.

The vast majority of MPs in the country will be unaffected by AV assuming voting patterns remain the same, but if having this relatively small changes makes it feel like at least your vote counts for something it’s worth bothering to vote maybe turn out will go up.

How many of us live in a constituency where we know we could stay in bed the entire day and either the party we want in power will win or won’t win because it’s a safe seat, pointless voting, AV will make no difference in those areas (would need something like the Single Transferable Vote system to make every vote worthwhile). But at least with AV you have the potential to have your vote count AGAINST the party you least want in government if you live in a not so safe constituency.

I don’t want to vote for a party only for tactical reasons, but I do want the option to vote for who I really want to win knowing they don’t stand a chance AND have my vote count towards the least worst party.

Won’t make much difference where we live, Tories will win this seat unless there’s a massive shift to Labour. Possibility in the 2015 general election (assuming the coalition doesn’t disintegrate after the AV referendum and we have an early election) that Labour could get a massive swing if the country blame them for the economic problems we are about to face AGAIN!

BTW Am I the only person who prefers AV that’s seriously considered voting NO on May 5th just to spite Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems for breaking his election promise to not vote for increased tuition fees for students? Feels like rewarding the Lib Dems for their betrayal, but then I’m torn on that this is probably a once in a life time referendum on voting reform.


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