Comment on UK Electoral Reform – Alternative Vote System by a 30 something year old no show at elections.

It is clear that party motivated politics is not representing the general population.It has been sugested that the idea of a trully proportional system would at least create a more representative parliment.Not just for the top two or even three main partys but for all partys standing for election.This would mean having BNP members in parliment but also green party members as well.
A Party polling 10% of the national vote should be represented by 10% of the members of parliment.I believe that this system would not only be fairer but would also be the begining of a huge number of new partys representing more diverse groups.This would give the voter a more varied and diverse choice at the polling booths.

I think this diversity would renew parliment with the possibility of becoming a true talking shop that understands the people it represents.