Comment on UK Comprehensive Spending Review Poll by Barbara Lyne.

I would never in a million years vote Tory particularly after struggling through the 1980’s as a single working mother. I had a half hearted idea that Nick Clegg maybe in a position block some of the Tory Ideology but that’s not the case. Nick Clegg sits in the commons nodding his head at every word spoken by David Cameron. He looks like Archy Andrews puppet sadly. Gordon Brown wasn’t Mr. Personality but his head was screwed on when it came down to controlling the economy. Let’s not forget this recession was Global not BRITISH. Gordon Brown and Alastair Darling did a sterling job at keeping the wheels of manufacturing turning with the scrabbage scheme, vat reduction and suported by the Bank of Englands interest rate control got us all through what could have been disaster. I agree with both parties that we had to come out of the borrowing delema but slowly not at a rate of knots; as we are seeing the coalition doing right now. We all understand the staying “don’t run before you can walk”