The UK Alternative Vote referendum on May 5th 2011 doesn’t appear to be catching the public’s attention, no one appears to care!

AV Referendum NO Campaign

“I believe in the principle of one person, one vote, but AV will mean the votes of some people get counted more than others,” Mr Cameron will say. David Cameron Prime Minister

AV Referendum YES Campaign

“By having more votes counted as part of our system it will mean that politicians take more voters seriously, it will encourage candidates to appeal to a broader range of voters and to understand a wider range of concerns.” Ed Miliband Labour Party Leader.

How will you vote on May 5th 2011.

Yes or No to AV?

AV Referendum Results

AV Referendum Results

East Midlands – No to AV: 71.26% ::: Yes to AV: 28.74%
East of England – No to AV: 71.00% ::: Yes to AV: 29.00%
London – No to AV: 60.47% ::: Yes to AV: 39.53%
North East England – No to AV: 71.95% ::: Yes to AV: 28.05%
North West England – No to AV: 69.78% ::: Yes to AV: 30.22%
Northern Ireland – No to AV: 56.32% ::: Yes to AV: 43.68%
Scotland – No to AV: 63.64% ::: Yes to AV: 36.36%
South East England – No to AV: 70.32% ::: Yes to AV: 29.68%
South West England – No to AV: 68.46% ::: Yes to AV: 31.54%
Wales – No to AV: 65.45% ::: Yes to AV: 34.55%
West Midlands – No to AV: 71.48% ::: Yes to AV: 28.52%
Yorkshire and the Humber – No to AV: 68.71% ::: Yes to AV: 31.29%

2011 UK AV Referendum Results

67.90% voted NO to AV
32.10% voted YES to AV

David Law