Comment on Reasons to Vote United Kingdom Independence Party: UKIP 2010 General Election by Labour Hater.

I’m disappointed at the complete lack of intelligence in our British society nowadays. All it takes is a few American style TV debates and they are all swayed by Nick Clegg the former lobbyist who wants to ban lobbying??? It has been a view of mine for many years that you should have an IQ above a certain level to be allowed a vote. The sheep amongst society are happy to leave their mark on politics by having a vote but pull 90% of them to one side as they leave the polling station and ask for 3 of the parties policies that they just voted for and they will look at you with a blank expression on their face.

In my opinion you only have 2 real choices in this upcoming election, either make a tactical vote to remove Labour and vote Conservative or vote for what you genuinly believe in and vote for the party that best represents your views. I for one would hate to see a Labour/LibDem coallition government, the LibDems would force through proportional representation and then we’ll never be able to get them out!! Labour would bow to this demand to remain in power.

I have been very tempted to vote for Conservatives but people need to realise that it’s the EU that holds the real power, the fools in Westminster are just puppets. With this being the case I will be voting for a party that wants us out of the EU asap and that doesn’t get caught up in rascist and fascist arguements.

A vote for UKIP may not see them make much progress in the next election but to carry on tactically voting just to out the current government will see the same two parties reign over the UK destroying our national pride and country for the next 100 years.

I will be voting UKIP and I will be proud of my decision when I see either of the 3 main parties destroying our way of life and I can sit back and say “I didn’t vote for these crooked b******s!!”