Comment on Reasons to Vote United Kingdom Independence Party: UKIP 2010 General Election by Trooper7h.

The problem with UAF is that there are TWO types of Fascism…There is Fascism of the Right and Fascism of the left…ergo…
…What UNITES the main parties and separates UKIP from them is the European Union, which is Fascist in its conception.
Even Gorbachev could not understand why – after seeing the collaps of the Soviet Union – the countries of Europe would want to erect its copy!!!
To try to Unite 27 disparate nations under one unaccountable ruling commission requires more than just a need to feel safe from attack – especially if the attack is coming from inside the group – it also requires FORCE!
History has proven time after time that a union of nations will eventully see cracks opening up between the nations, with differences of Religion, Culture, Race, Language – in fact everything that makes up a Nation’s identity – clashing with each other.
When that occurs the only resort for the ruling commission is to use force to try to subdue the fractious partners…It could even see troops who, being recruited and paid by the commission firing on their own (previously) national peoples!
At this present time we are seeing this happening in the Middle East and Asia.
Do we really want this in Europe?
As British army veteren I want to vote for a party that will take my country out of any such Union…
That is why I am a member of UKIP and will vote for them in the coming General Election.