Comment on Reasons to Vote Liberal Democrat 2010 General Election by Jay Forster.

I’ve always liked the best of both approach the lib dems represent in my opinion and even though its a wasted vote where I live (maybe not so much after the pwnage of Nick Clegg last night) Ive always put an x for them.

One key issue that effects me and my partner is our situation as a low income (and unmarried) couple. While the tax credits system helps us out hugely its also a trap in many respects as I cant earn more, or bizarely do less hours either and my partner can’t get a job now our daughter is at school. Ironically we would actually be better off financially being on benefits.

I was a little disappointed when imbalances were mentioned in the debate it focused on fat cats and ignored this other end of the spectrum which is also very broken at the moment and also contributes hugely to the current state we are in.

I have to say I havent been following things closely and the lib dems may actually have some proactive measures regarding all this but I certainly havent heard anything much about it.