Comment on Reasons to Vote Labour by Alan Mann.

I think the British political campaigns are all very parochial. Argument about free eye tests etc. The argument is largely on small variations on how to divide the expenditure. It is only the Tories who have talked about being more competitive in global markets.Where are teh policies of increasing productivity and making Britain productive and combating the very real threats faced by most western countries in their continual lack of real productivity.
Banking contribute some 17 % of GDP – How did the labour party ensure that this huge sector was correctly administrated to protect this large and precious contribution to the UK? Their plans going forward have also showed no insight in how to adquately address the risk aspects of the financial institutions. There seems to be little insight into how a government can very effectively manage these risks. All the focus is on how to protect the hand outs to ensure they will be paid back. This is not addressing the cause and lack of diligence by the government of the day.
The debates I have heard have been about petty issues when I believe that the Western economies are under serious threat Do I sense the onset of the poverty of western nations because of the apathetic political policies in times when someone really brave is required to seriously take the bull by the horns and make the changes required to lead Britain into a successful future.
Or do we put our head in the sand and measure ourselves against all the other failing economies around us?
The only person Ive heard alluding to these issues is Mr Cameron.

I have not studied economics nor politics so can someone please agree with em or point out the error of my thinking?