Comment on Reasons to Vote Green 2010 General Election by apathetic voter.

Oh my goodness, I read through the comments of others thinking how we love to generalise and make sweeping statements devoid of substance or fact. Here is my offering of sweeping statements!
Hoorah for immigration! It provides our country with workers for the jobs us Brits think we are above e.g care workers, cleaners, etc
It makes absolutely no difference who we vote for and who gets in to office as they will ultimately do a bad job and we will all ridicule and hate them for it.
Who cares whether we are part of europe or not. If we leave Europe all that will happen is some other UK organisation/agency will find a way to waste the money saved from leaving.
Yes I will be voting but for who I’m not sure. Like car design, all the options have become too similar to differentiate a preference.