Comment on Reasons to Vote Green 2010 General Election by David.

“wholesale adoption of global warming mantra, a philosophy which, I think, would cause the lights to go out.”

Like all the smaller parties, the Green party will not gain significant power this general election no matter what happens between now and May. I see the Green party as mostly harmless, they have some silly ideas, but their hearts are in the right place, so a few Green MPs would be good for the country to keep the main parties on track when it comes to green issues.

I do agree with you, the Greens are putting the planets well being significantly above that of our welfare and I couldn’t vote for a party that doesn’t put us first over the environment and animal welfare etc… To put it into perspective, if my family was starving and the very last family of chimps was in a forest just down the road, I know what my family would be eating that evening even knowing it would result in the extinction of a species.

I’m sure by now the vast majority of British people realise we are living on borrowed time when it comes to limited resources like oil, gas and coal (fossil fuels) and so even if a person believes climate change is total BS and a conspiracy to control the masses and increase taxation, we do have to come up with a plan to both conserve the resources we still have and replace them in the future.

It’s especially important to countries like ours as we don’t have a great deal of fossil fuel reserves under our land and waters, which means when shortages hit, we’ll be one of the first countries that will go cold in winter!

I don’t think we are doing nearly enough to conserve resources, seems to me most people don’t care that much beyond saving themselves money on their heating bills etc… and are probably hoping 50 years from now some new wondrous energy source has been found that will replace fossil fuels. Lets hope we get cold fusion quite soon :-)

As a country we are going to have to embrace alternative/renewable energy sources like wind and tidal energy. Seems almost everyone hates wind farms (I quite like them as long as I can’t hear them), but unless there’s better ways to create renewable energy en mass, we are going to have to have them in the short term until new renewable energy sources are found that are less irritating to the eye.

The alternative if we don’t prepare for the future is that in our children’s life time (and maybe some of ours) there’s going to be energy shortages as fossil fuels run out.


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