Comment on Reasons to Vote Green 2010 General Election by Peejay.

I cannot see how this country can ever be green, and still allow the population to keep growing.
The more densely populated we are, the more pollution etc.

Also: this old ‘red herring’ about ‘ageing population’ – do you really know for a fact that this is REALLY going to present a problem? Or are you just falling for Nulabour’s lies? They are not well known for being truthful are they?

Nulabour produced this excuse for immigration suddenly a few years ago!
Yes – the number of old people is slowly rising – as it has done for decades, but – – –
Heard of TECHNOLOGY? It’s constantly coming up with new wonders – making life so easy that most people are getting fat from too little activity!

Most old people will need less carers because technology is taking over jobs which people used to do.
And – let’s face it ‘carers’ have not got a very good reputation have they?

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