Comment on Reasons to Vote Green 2010 General Election by Stephanie Mackay.

I’ll be voting Green again. I’ve been a Labour voter most of my life but couldn’t bring myself to vote for them after the Iraq war.

What I find very hard to understand is the supposed Old Labour voters saying that they will now vote BNP. What possible justification could there be for a Socialist or working class man or woman to support an openly racist party? It doesn’t compute.

If you have concerns about immigration, the BNP is not going to save you. Their stories are hugely over-exaggerated and designed to stir up hatred amongst communities. Their policies for dealing with illegal immigrants are no different from any other party – the clue is in the title ‘illegal immigrant’ – all parties want to repatriate people without legal status.

This country needs immigration to provide vital skills and services to the British public and our ageing population. We have thousands of people who emigrate every year. If we withdraw from the EU, what are you going to say to the 300,000 British pensioners who withdraw their pensions in Spain, France, Italy and Portugal?

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