Comment on Reasons to Vote Conservative 2010 General Election by Joe.

Traditionally, the Conservatives are the party of law and order, so they cannot condone law-breaking in any form. Whatever the crime, men convicted of criminal offences are men who chose to break the law. Legalising the conduct, which amounted to the offence, does not change that. It does not, in itself, make them law-abiding citizens, and that applies equally whether they are heterosexual or homosexual. Some disagree, and think that the law should discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. The Pink News website, for example states,

“Tory leader David Cameron unveiled his party’s manifesto for the general election today. The document does not contain his pledge to strike out the criminal records of men convicted for homosexuality offences, which gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell claimed was proof that the gay-friendly policies are “an afterthought”.

However, those “men convicted for homosexuality offences,” are still men whose records show that they break the law when they feel like it. That should remain a matter of record for the same reason that the fingerprints and DNA of all citizens who have been convicted of an offence should be on record. It helps the police to save innocent lives, by detecting and preventing crime – something which is very important to right-thinking men and women.

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