Comment on Reasons to Vote Conservative 2010 General Election by daisy I HATE CONSERVITIVES.

ARE YOU PEOPLE idots conservitives are everything WRONG there going to raise taxes cut the dole cut ema put kids in school on saturdays and make sure your children dont have a free education you stupid people i hate david camaron gordon brown is only doing right and david camaron is just making everything else worse and you dont see that ! gordon browns getting us through everything and that poor excuse for an MP is making everything worse and this is coming from a 12 year old . plus you people are sick puting a secret mic on gordon brown and hes wright about what he said about the woman face it get over it gordon brown should not worrie at all becuse when conseveritves win the elcetion and everybody in england is crying for gordon brown to come back i hope he dosent cause theen its your own fault hes promiseing you everything you want but hes not gonna give you it when gordon brown is GORDON BROWN FOR THE WIN !!!!!

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