Comment on Reasons to Vote Conservative 2010 General Election by Mrs S.Hodges.

I have always voted Labour, but feel sorely let down by them. Mr Blair has a great deal to answer for and I almost feel sorry for Mr Brown as he was left in the mire. I thought about voting Tory, but having read their manifesto, I can not vote Tory with an conviction. So, for the first time ever… I’m voting liberal!

Our local MP has barely scraped through the expenses scandal, but in several dealings with him ( on behalf of others) he has proved to be unhelpful at best and a fibber at worst.
His record on disability issues is shocking and he wouldn’t even sign up to the Every Disabled child matter campaign until forced to.
NOT the man I want in locally.

The local Liberal candidate has been a different story so he has my vote. The party seem to have some very good ideas so nationally Liberals get my vote.

Take off the blinkers and vote Liberal!

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