Comment on Reasons to Vote Conservative 2010 General Election by Bob.

Three reasons why I won’t be voting Conservative:

1. When asked about the EU, the Tories avoided eye contact, shuffled away, waited for the ratification of Lisbon so their answer could be “Too late!”

2. When it turned out that not all the Tories were pro-gay, and the public asked for clarification, the Tories chose to avoid eye contact and shuffle away (and still are)

3. I’m one of those liberal student types (just to warn you!)

Anyways, my choice this election is Lib Dem. I’m not entirely sure if they would follow through if they did get into power, but at least we have Vince Cable on our side instead of (shudder) George Osborne.

I do like a good debate with a Conservative as I can see the appeal of lower taxes and efficient spending, but when the Chancellor of the Exchequer and his Shadow constantly lying to eachother, then accusing eachother of lying, it leaves you feeling a little alienated. Know what I mean?