Comment on Reasons to Vote Conservative 2010 General Election by David.

Checking the General Election 2010 sites log files and I’ve had a single visitor from

This is the page within WordPress (of the Conservatives Blue Blog) when logged in the moderator views moderated comments (like mine was) and can open links to any sites linked to (like this one).

This confirms the moderator didn’t make a mistake (thinking it was porn or Viagra SPAM or something, which can happen when quickly moderating a site). He/she must have read the comment I made to the blog entry “Ask me your questions on the economy”, clicked the link to visit this site, then decided to delete the comment for reasons only he/she knows!

Other alternative is he/she deleted my first comment, read my second comment asking why it was deleted, visited this site from the second comment, deleted my second comment and didn’t bother responding either by email (as I suggested) or even here (which I linked to in the second comment) to explain why it was deleted.

Moderator of the Conservatives Blue blog apparently doesn’t agree with free speech and deletes difficult questions instead of allowing them through for debate (sounds a lot like the BNP’s website).

Remember this was on a blog post titled “Ask me your questions on the economy” (inviting questions like the ones I asked), since the Conservative Blue Blog moderator has deleted my comment it means other members of the British public who do not own a site like this one to point out how undemocratic that is have had their comments deleted as well with no way to tell others of the problem (Vote No To BNP for example believed all comments on the Conservatives Blue blog got through)!

Does make sense that a lot of comments are deleted as the number of comments (19 after eleven days) are quite low considering how close we are to the general election and a post like “Ask me your questions on the economy” should have a lot more comments than 19.

BTW made a third comment asking why the first comment was deleted. If I don’t get a response that way I’ll find a list of all Conservative MPs and Peers email addresses and ask them all why the Conservatives Blue Blog webmaster/moderator has the same approach to democracy and free speech as the BNP websites moderator. Might look for the email addresses now and get an email off to them all before I go to sleep.

Anyone reading this see anything wrong with my comment (first one in this thread), beyond it being a difficult question for the Conservatives to answer?


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