Comment on Reasons to Vote British National Party by David.

The BNP were smashed in the 2010 general election and a few days on the BNP are finally quiet on my website.

I have so looked forward to this day when I could rightly say I told you so, however I don’t need to rub it in, so will ask any BNP supporters left on my site.

What went so wrong with the BNP’s general election campaign?

As an outside observer it looks like the BNP were imploding just weeks before the election on May 6th with death threats to Nick Griffin from Mark Collett, the BNP website being taken down** by the BNP webmaster Simon Bennett and silly publicity campaigns like the Marmite BNP Party Election Broadcast.

** I run about 100 websites on a dedicated server (like a PC for running websites) I rent from a US company. At 1pm on election day my dedicated server ground to a slow crawl (it was just barely accessible) when I estimate well over 100,000 people (could have been several hundred thousand) tried to view this website on election day and by the evening of the election the server had pretty much ground to a halt (couldn’t even get it to reboot after having it turned off and on!!!).

The dedicated server, just couldn’t handle the traffic: for May 6th this site was in the top 20,000 of sites in the world ranked by Alexa.

After spending half a day trying to get the server working: I thought it was a combination of relatively high traffic (didn’t realise the site was getting 25K+ visitors an hour though) and a software setting issue, (servers need tweaking to run well), I still wasn’t sure what the problem was, but made the decision to rent another dedicated server with double the memory of the old one and a few hours later was reinstalling all the software needed to run website etc… and by 5pm on May 7th this site was again running correctly (by 7pm all 100+ of my domains were again running correctly). So the site was down ~24hrs because of too much traffic.

The BNP official website has been ‘down’ days over the most important general election for the BNP ever because the BNP webmaster sabotaged their website! If they ran their operation well they’d have independent backups of their website in case of an emergency (like the company they rent the server from burnt down) and it would take just a few hours to setup a new dedicated server and install a recent backup: I backup my sites at midnight every day and regularly download the backups and put them on a backup disk. Worst case scenario is I loose one weeks worth of data if I’ve been lazy on downloading the backups and everything went wrong.

There official BNP website should have been back online within 24 hours of a problem. As a webmaster who has had more than their fair share of website disasters (I probably lost over £500 in ad revenue from this site on May 6th!) I’m dismayed such a popular and important website (important to the BNP) is still effectively down. They haven’t even had the presence of mind to redirect all traffic to the home page (2 mins to setup) or maybe redirect the entire site to another BNP site (Nick Griffins site for example) while they fix the problems. Monkeys with a hammer could have done a better job!


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