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Hello Wilford,

I came to the site because I was interested in politics and views etc and debate. For the first time ever, I have an interest in what is happening in the UK. Previous elections, I chose not to vote. At the moment I am just putting together some information for Charlie. I did note though, that I am a ‘racist thug’ apparently.

I used to go to the peckham pulse gym… if you know peckham… I remember helping a ‘black’ girl in the gym fend off 2 other black guys. I guess if I was a thug then I would have ‘clapped’ as they pushed her off the running machine.

Charlie seems to have this issue that all BNP supporters are thugs….perhaps in the past that was the case, but opinions change and so do people.

I don’t think any of my comments have suggested I go around beating people up, despite having lived all around the UK and have experienced lots of different things and have wanted to have my say.

A lot of comments regarding my posts have been constructive, and as I had explained, all about opinion and experiences.

I think Charlie assumes I am a BNP member, which I was not until last night. I joined their internet site because I wanted to see ‘all views’.

Some make sense – others do not. Thats why I think its good to have a honest debate.

Regards Stuart

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I’ve been following the posts and have made a few posts myself. I’m unsure why some people seem to think that if you vote BNP you are racist.

Racism isn’t …

Reasons to Vote British National Party : BNP 2010 General Election

I’ve put my comments in ** …. feel free to chane your user name from Anon? to Your real name. I have used my real name.

*I didnt once mention pensions?* …

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I think you’re mistaken, it appears you are the one that is brainwashed, propaganda is abundant in right wing parties such as BNP, and I understand it can seem right …

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Thanks for your reply.

I have often found the Danish/Norweigion/Finish people to be pretty decent.
Why did the Danish people ask the Immigrants to leave?
Honest answers only….

Stuart …

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I lived with a Polish Girl for a 6 months in Kent (Canterbury).
The employer who was employing her was basically taking the piss out of her and her …

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Reference denmark:

Doesnt Denmark have one of the highest standards of living in the world.

perhaps they have the right idea?

up for discussion. I guess

Regards …

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Hello Charlie,
Thanks for your responses.
First of all, why am I racist thug, because I use the word British? I have a British passport. As I have explained in previous …

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Thanks for clarifying your name. I’m a bit surprised though, with the BNP being a minor non threat that you’d even have it in your name.

You’ve given some figures which …