Also see the BNP Manifesto 2010.

The British National Party (BNP) is a far-right political party with strong racist and fascist roots. Formed as a splinter group from the racist/fascist National Front by John Tyndall in 1982. Until 2009, when the BNP was challenged in the courts on grounds of racial discrimination, it restricted membership to only people of “Caucasian origin”. The BNP under Nick Griffin wasted 10s of thousands of pounds of their members fees on fighting their illegal whites only membership policy through the courts.

British National Party Policies

The BNP seeks to restore the overwhelmingly white ethnicity of Britain (what they call the indigenous population) that existed prior to 1948 through legal means, including “firm but voluntary and very expensive incentives for immigrants and their descendants to return home”: this policy would cost British tax payers billions and result in a shortage of trained workers. And the repeal of anti-discrimination legislation whilst adding more discriminating legislation to favour the “indigenous population”. It believes that there are significant differences between races. The party is ostracised by mainstream political parties in the UK for it’s racist and fascist ideologies.

In 2005, the last UK general election, the party received 0.7% of the popular vote but had no candidates elected to Parliament (currently it has never had an MP). In the 2006 English local elections the party doubled its number of seats in England. The BNP finished fifth in the 2008 London mayoral election with 5.2% of the popular vote and secured one of the London Assembly’s 25 seats. They won their first county council seats in 2009 together with two seats in the European Parliament. The party’s media profile has increased under its current leader Nick Griffin, a former national organiser of the racist National Front and failed business owner (has been declared bankrupt).

Despite a hard British recession, the British National Party have not fared well in recent by-elections in recent months, loosing their deposit each time. Indications are the BNP will not make the break through into mainstream politics in 2010 general election as they hope.

All eligible British voters should be aware if the BNP ever gained power, millions of law abiding British voters would loose the right to vote under the BNP’s National Service policy where ALL Britain’s over the age of 18 are required to serve a period of military service or LOOSE the right to vote! You MUST serve in the military to earn the right to vote under a BNP government, though you’d also gain the option to legally own an assault rifle as well!

For information about the BNP’s National Service commitment see the BNP General Election Manifesto 2005 (as of March 2010 there isn’t a BNP General Election Manifesto 2010).

BNP Leader Nick Griffin MEP

BNP Leader Nick GriffinThe current BNP leader Nick Griffin, (along with Paul Ballard) has been convicted in a British court of law (Harrow Crown Court: 27th April to 1st May 1998) for violating section 19 of the Public Order Act 1986, relating to incitement to racial hatred for his editorship of issue 12 of The Rune, published in 1996. Nick Griffin received a 9 month sentence, suspended for 2 years for the crime of inciting racial hatred.

During the trial he was accused of denying the holocaust and said:

I am well aware that the orthodox opinion is that six million Jews were gassed and cremated and turned into lampshades. Orthodox opinion also once held that the Earth was flat … I have reached the conclusion that the ‘extermination’ tale is a mixture of Allied wartime propaganda, extremely profitable lie, and latter witch-hysteria.

Nick Griffin confirmed he was a holocaust denier during the TV program (the Cook Report).

Nick Griffin, Cook Report, 1997

Closest Nick Griffin has come to changing his holocaust denying view was during question time in late 2009. His current views on the holocaust was not very clear. Does he believe millions of innocent Jewish people were murdered in Nazi death camps like Auschwitz?

Nick Griffin – Holocaust denial on Question Time, 2009

British National Party Conspiracy Theories

The BNP as a party believe in a multitude of political conspiracy theories from the absurd idea of a New World Order Conspiracy Theories including Common Purpose Conspiracy Theory through to Peak Oil Conspiracy Theories and Global Warming/Climate Change is a Hoax!!

The BNP also believe the three main political parties, Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrats are in league together (one big political conspiracy) to maintain the status quo (keep the BNP out of power).

UKIP is the Eurosceptic Conservative front, Green Party is the Green front for the Labour Party and the Welsh Plaid Cymru Party is fake (I assume they mean it’s just the Tories under another name in Wales!).

The British National Party also believe the Labour Party allow in an uncontrolled number of immigrants to boost the Labour Party support: according to the BNP all immigrants vote Labour!

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BNP Policy Debate

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