Remember during the General Election 2010 that big society that the Tories were ‘waffling’ about?… well David Cameron has launched that plan, and he’s serious.

It gives more power to the people lets them have more control over their community and control the funding for projects and it sounds great… on paper.

When I look deeper and speculate the Tories Election Plan is sounding more like getting people to do free work. Prime Minister David Cameron is planning to sack £1.3m public and private sector jobs (120,000 public sector and 140,000 private sector) by 2015, if they’re sacking these people then I think that David Cameron is getting communities to take over without pay.

Another example; Prime Minister David Cameron plans to let people take over places like pubs. I don’t think David Cameron get the difficulty of running a pub, they have to link with a brewery, there’s also so many restrictions and guidelines like the price of alcohol and the price you sell other items in the pub like crisps and peanuts.

This is a half-baked idea… I just don’t think that it will work.

Author: Caleb Law age: 13