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Hi David,
I sometimes wish i had never got into politics;(
As for the bnp,well my reason to vote them in the euro elections was to ONLY give the other parties a GOOD KICK UP THE ARSE!!!!;D
I will be voting Ukip but if the conservatives said something solid i will swing in their favour.
Libertarian would be my first choice but having firearms made legal to everyone just rings of national mayhem ;S
I will NEVER vote bnp again.Infact i feel quite ashamed right now ;'(
I will not be voting labour,im sorry but i can’t get over the “sponsorship” of labour via the KGB.
You see,you got me going on again,stop it david ;D
I wish i had never got into politics,But,DAMN IT!!! it’s soo addictive //;(

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Hi David
Pleasde remove this foul manipulated video.
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The reality of discrimination against the majority.
Wake up ;D

Moderator: as requested by the poster of this comment I’ve removed the BNPTV video that includes false allegations of discrimination against a …

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