Comment on Political Video by David.

I take it you’ve decided to no longer support or vote for the BNP?

I’m impressed if that’s what you’ve decided, nothing worse than when someone finds the people they look up to are not as they thought, but then close their eyes to the truth!

As I mentioned before, I vote Labour, but I’m under no delusions that given a better choice that would count I’d change who I’d vote for. To me Labour is the best of a bad lot, I’ll never vote Conservative because of what they did when they were in power. So by default it’s Labour I vote.

Politics makes me sad sometimes :(

Regarding deleting your pro BNP comments, I hate to edit other peoples comments without their input (I knew exactly what you wanted to happen with the video posts) and if you are now against the BNP for lying to you there is an argument for leaving them as they are, people read them and see why you changed your mind.


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