Comment on Political Video by Dave.

Nice vid Steph………….just how can anyone justify voting Labour?

Vote Libdem, vote for electoral reform (the UK is in a minority in Europe of countries that still maintain this ludicrous voting (seat winning) system!)

Once there is electoral reform eveyone posting here indicating, “i’d vote xxxx but it’s a wasted vote” or “it’s Tory or Labour in my area so no point voting for something else”……..or similar…….can vote as they wish knowing full well their vote will ensure a UKIP MP or two, or Greens etc etc etc…….

I have never voted Libdem, but this eletion offers a real opportunity to empower the people and maintain the power for the future.

Joining the sheep and voting because, “that’s what I always have voted”…….”the other parties don’t stand a chance”…….is absolute madness. The country will not move forward until the people take control of their MPs, Westminster, the decisions and force ourselves to be listened to properly. Otherwise, watch Stephs video post and allow it all to happen again (blue or red!)

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Vote Libdem!

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