During the Election Campaign David Cameron said he would keep free bus passes for over 60’s, but it seems like he made a major U-turn on his old promise and ramped the age up to 65.

Prime Minister David Cameron made changes to the £1bn concession scheme that allows 60 year old citizens take buses for free, it is suggested it is linked with the rise in the UK state pension age.

David Cameron accused labour of “Pure and Simple Lies” in the Sky News Live Third TV Debate when they said he planned to “rob pensioners of concessionary travel”.

But it is speculated that it isn’t a full U-turn because Prime Minister David Cameron is not axing the scheme all together.

I Myself think that David Cameron is not going far enough, it think Free Bus Pass should be raised to 70, some pensioners live till their 90 it think 20 years is enough.
But any further than 70 and their pushing it and will be a BIG mistake.

Author: Caleb Law