Minster’s stock the public sector’s up with protective padding – telling them to prepare for a 40% budget slash.

Transport Secretary Philip Hammond speaking on the Andrew Marr show tells departments to prepare for a 40% slash even though no cut in budget will be that harsh.

Strange behaviour by the Transport Secretary, he’s making me feel like detective Sherlock Holmes I know he’s planning something but I don’t know what (lift’s magnifying glass to eye).

Why would he tell the public sector’s to plan for a 40% budget cut when they won’t even come close to reaching that figure?.

I’ll have to put away my trench coat and detective hat for now, seems like a mystery for another day, all I can do it speculate and wonder what is he doing, seems like I’ll be having some sleepless nights.

Enjoy :D

George Osborne Prepares Departmental Sectors for 40% Cuts Political Cartoon

Author: Caleb Law age: 13