Comment on Burn a Koran Day Political Cartoon by Matlock.

If Muslims wish other people to respect to what is sacred to them, then they must show the same respect to what is sacred to other people.

However, in recent years this has not been the case.

In the 1990’s, against world-wide protests, the taliban destroyed ancient, sacred Buddhist statues.
Muslims world wide find it perfectly acceptable to burn the flags of other nations, both in their own, and even in those other countries.

I fully accept that the people who do this do not speak for the whole of the Muslim population, but Pastor Terry Jones doesn’t speak for the whole of the West, or all Christians.

The Qu’ran speaks of peace and tolerance. And it is only through tolerance of other people’s beliefs that we can have peace.

I condemn the deliberate provocation of publicly destroying that which others hold sacred, whoever is doing it, for whatever reason.

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