Comment on Burn a Koran Day Political Cartoon by salama abdelhady.

“Read” was the first word that was revealed from God to His Last messenger: “Mohamed”. The “God’s Order” was: “Read” not “Burn”. Quran’s revelation starts by this order: “Read.” All Muslims in the world are faithfully and wisely fulfilling this order at least five times every day. However, they “Read” Quran and “Read” the signs of God in the universe in every moment. This Book is the Mercy of God that enlightens and Guides their life.
Surely this Quran guides (to a life) which is most upright (the straightest or the most stable),
As a miraculous piece of Heavenly source that was revealed in the dawn of human’s civilization, it yields not only aesthetic contentment but provides also the whole philosophic and scientific truth. It is a valuable tool to the lexicographer seeking to the scientist probing for clues concerning the existence of God, to a man seeking the evidence of the Day of Resurrection, to understanding the logic of human’s life, the constitution of good and evil, love and hate, happiness and misery, success and failure, mercy and cruelty, peace and war and all the life’s concepts as ordained by God for the whole mankind, and to the theologian who regards the Quran as the ultimate unchallengeable recourse for all religious knowledge.
Most of the verses of Quran have scientific logic and are based on modern scientific knowledge. No contradictions or conflicts have been found between Quran and modern sciences. There are many verses that newly interpreted according to discoveries of modern sciences. As examples it is possible to read the start of creation[21.30], the spherical shape of the earth [39:5], the stages of embryo growth in the womb [39:12-16], expansion of the universe [51:47], Big Bang [21:30] and Big Crunch [21:104] theories, the balanced cycles of the elements on the earth [15-19], the photosynthesis processes in the plants [36:80], the formation of clouds [24:43], the water as the liquid of life[21.31], the water cycle[9:35], and the wind functions[30:48, 15:22], and many others as can be seen in []. Similarly, there are several verses in the Quran which some geographers [30:3], historicists [28:38], geologists [35:27, 78:7], astronomers [6:97, 25:61] and psychologists [13:28] have interpreted as being compatible also with their modern discoveries.
Accordingly, Quran had initiated the Islamic Golden Age. The Golden Age of Islam characterizes a period in world history and human development. This period was guided by the faithful reading and understanding of Quran and it is traditionally dated from the mid-8th century to the mid-16th century just after the end of Mohammad’s mission. During this period Muslim scientists, artists, engineers, scholars, poets, philosophers, geographers and traders in the Islamic world “Read” and performed according to the spirit of Quran in their contribution to science, agriculture, economics, industry, law, literature, navigation, philosophy, sociology, and technology. Muslims founded new branches of sciences as Chemistry, Algebra, Light, Algorithms, Pharmacology, etc. Scientists as Fielding H. Garrison wrote in the History of Science: Arabs were the originators not only of algebra, chemistry, and geology, but of many of the so-called improvements or refinements of civilization, such as street lamps, window-panes, firework, stringed instruments, cultivated fruits, perfumes, spices, etc. [].
Muslims added also glorified inventions and innovations in different branches of science as Navigation, technology, industry, economics, etc. Howard R. Turner wrote: “Muslim artists and scientists, princes and laborers together made a unique culture that has directly and indirectly influenced societies on every continent.” Such History is recorded and is summarized in this site:
Andalusia was one of the routes of Islamic civilization to Europe and to the whole world. Records of such statement are summarized in this site: .