A Bill has been passed making anyone with a face mask (any item of clothing that covers the face including the Muslim veil the Burqa and also the Balaclava) in a public place (street, shops etc…) can be arrested and given a €150 (euro) fine.

This is utterly ridiculous, banning a face veil for no reason. They decide to tackle suppression of women by fining innocent people who decided to wear that item for religious reasons.

This move by French parliament is suppressing women further not protecting them, of course some will have been forced to wear the Burqa by their partner and those people need support not to be driven away from help and be punished.

I’m utterly shocked that France is doing this outrageous discrimination of a minority. Out of millions of Muslims in France only a couple thousand wear the face veil that is being banned. It is both a wasteful discriminatory law and also totally wrong.

Campaigning in the UK to ban the Burqa

It has emerged recently that Conservative MP Philip Hollobone is campaigning to have the Burqa banned in the UK. He made a video of which to state his argument in it he said “I find it very distressing that women in 21st century Britain should think it’s acceptable to cover their faces when going about in public”.

A ridiculous statement by any MP Tory or not, it is their choice to wear what they want. His plan to make it illegal is a draconian method to solve a Tory fear of anything culturally different, they have showed this kind of discrimination before with Chris Grayling and his homophobia.

He brings up Emily Pankhurst one of history’s greatest political activist’s, she fought for women being able to vote and was an extraordinary influence on modern day society. He should not have made an ‘incorrect’ statement assuming that Emmeline Pankhurst would not back the Burqa or claiming that it is a breach of human rights. It’s just ridiculous.

Pankhurst would have probably thought that it is wrong for someone in any day to tell a woman what she should and shouldn’t do, that is the real breach in human rights.

He then continues picking at a great inspirational figure, he claims that Emmeline Pankhurst would have been ‘angry’ that she campaigned for so long and hard to have women covering their faces in public. In my opinion this is total and utter garbage.

But Philip Hollobone’s Muslim discrimination doesn’t end there he continues to say “when we face an ever-growing security threat especially from Muslim terrorism should women be allowed to cover their faces so they can’t be seen on CCTV”.

Talk about stereotyping Muslims, he makes it sound like they all commit terrorism and they only come to Britain to attack us. Also he didn’t mention this in his video if we’re banning the Burqa shouldn’t we also ban hooded tops, scarves, balaclavas, hats, Motorcycle Helmets and long hair.

Someone should tell Philip Hollobone you can’t discriminate against a select amount of people it is wrong and primitive.

Tory MP Philip Hollobone Supports Banning the Burqa

You can view the video on BBC News website: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/10612670

Artist/Author: Caleb Law age: 13