I started this politics site roughly one year ago because 1st I make money online making websites like this one and 2nd I was concerned the Conservatives would win the 2010 general election and the country would be subject to 5 or more years of Tory/Thatcherite rule and though I never expected my website to make a difference to the 2010 election results I wanted to have my say.

What I never expected was my youngest son Caleb (currently 13 years old) who had no interest in politics would become so interested in politics (far more than I am) that he’d change his career plans! He originally planned to study a degree in art, most likely graphic art. His new plan is to study the Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) Degree at Oxford University with an aim to working for a newspaper creating political cartoons and associated commentary: pretty much every second day he sketches a political cartoon!

Being a supportive Dad I’m passing control of my politics site to my son and we’ll see what he can do with it between now and 2016 when he should be preparing for an undergraduate degree at Oxford University.

David Law