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Official Political News Sources

I’m a little concerned at the discrepancies between the amount of news published by the Labour Party relative to the Conservative and Liberal Democrats. Looking through their news sections I see these numbers of news articles:

The Labour Party : 18 news items for November 2009
The Conservative Party : 41 news items for November 2009
The Liberal Democrats Party : 55 news items for November 2009
UKIP : 30 news items for November 2009
Green Party : 10 news items for November 2009
BNP : 104 news items for November 2009

What’s up with Labour and the Green party not publishing news frequently? OK, the Greens only have a handful of MP’s, though with how much effort they put into their policies (WOW they are detailed) I expected better. My biggest concern is with the Labour party, I know they are in power and so it could be argued they are busy running the country etc…, but why aren’t they getting their message out like the other main parties?

The Tories and Lib Dems post what’s been discussed at Prime Ministers Question Time as news, but nothing from Labour!

The Labour Party website is awful, they have a section called Labour Central which is supposed to be news, but the Blog section is WAY out of date and the first article doesn’t even exist! Come on Labour pull your finger out and get into the 21st century and create a site I can use more content from to generate interesting debates :-)

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